Sunday, 28 November 2010

To conclude

I have looked at many aspects of public relations during this semester, including: Public Relations ethical perspectives, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public Policy Issues, Public Relations Crises, Ethics, issues and crises management: Public Relations theory and practice. From all the research I have consummated into myself and the fields of public relations, ethics, values etc. I conclude that, if it was necessary I would be able to omit some of the facts to an extent if it were in the public interest or maybe in the interest of a company that I work for. Yet I do have some limits and can only be pushed so far as I have to fulfill my own values and ethics not just that of a company. I do not think it makes me a bad person to keep some information out of the public eye. In some instances this is extremely necessary. For instance maybe the swine flu epidemic could have been handled better; it created perhaps an unnecessary worldwide panic.

I am extremely loyal to friends, family, and companies I work for etc. I am currently very unsure as to whether this is going to be an asset to me or a hindrance in the future. Nevertheless I also know I would do pretty much anything to get my dream job in FASHION MARKETING/ADVERTISING.

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  1. It's important to know whether you would be willing to bend the truth when going into the work place, because its the only way that you can truly be happy. Working for a company that has the same values and morals as yourself makes for a good career. I totally agree with the Swine Flu epidemic, sometime with holding the truth or even ‘telling the truth slowly’ can help the public from going into panic overload.